six-sided argument

Portfolio Categories: commissions, objects, site-specific, and writing.

  • Spike Island's Associate Space
  • six-sided argument was installed as an intervention in the library at Spike Island during the Open Weekend, 1st-4th May 2015
  • As an intervention, six-sided argument was also present and responsive during the Film Open, which screened at the Spike Open.
  • six-sided argument was installed in the library of Newnham College, Cambridge during their Literary Archive event which celebrated poetry written by students like Sylvia Plath and Hope Mirrlees at and after Newnham.

Six-Sided Argument is a text work and intervention for a library, taking the form of a narrow box built with thick oak and keyed mitre joints. The oak gleams. Placed between books on the shelf, the box interrupts the spines briefly with your own reflection. Behind the mirrored front of the box, a pair of short poems can, with a little awkward movement, interleave. 


Six-Sided Argument has been shown in Spike Island’s Associate Space (May 2015) and the Yates Thompson Library at Newnham College, Cambridge (March 2015).


The text is a handwritten version of the following, split over two reading surfaces, one mirrored, one illuminated.