Shields of Destiny

Portfolio Categories: objects, residencies, and site-specific.

Shields of Destiny was a group show by Spike Associates at Bill Drummond’s Curfew Tower, Northern Ireland, August 2014.  My five viewfinder poems See Here were shown in an illuminated View Master out of sight of any windows and outside the dungeon.

  • See Here (2013), installed in the Curfew Tower for Shields of Destiny, Spike Associates Group Show (2014) [five poem viewfinders and View Master with reel of images]
  • View Master reel of See Here (2013)
  • Festival of the Glens, Cushendall, Northern Ireland
  • Shields of Destiny, group show, with visitor and View Master
  • Shields of Destiny and the fire in which our work was not burnt by Bill Drummond, Curfew Tower (2014)