Among the Trees: I. ash to ask the questions / II. questions to ask the ash

Portfolio Categories: commissions, installation, and site-specific.

Among the Trees 1 - SM

A pair of poems for the one-leaved ash was commissioned by the Hayward Gallery as part of Among the Trees, an exhibition of 38 artists exploring human (and more-than-human) relationships with trees and forests.


‘I. ash to ask the questions’ and ‘II. questions to ask the ash’ were installed as signs — one at the crown, one in the understorey — next to the one-leaved ash tree growing at the gallery’s entrance.


Across the the Southbank Centre site, more bright texts for the London plane tree and black locusts have been contributed by poets, writers and tree specialists including Marina Warner, Nina Mingya Powles, Luke Turner and Zakiya Mckenzie, among others.


4 March – 17 May 2020.

Among the Trees 2 - SM

Among the Trees 3 - SM - 2000

Among the Trees 4 - SM


Among the Trees 5 - SM